Store, Shop Front Signs
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Shopfront Signs

Supply and installation of shop front signs are a speciality of Sudden Impact Signs.

These include:

  • Front fascia signs
  • Office and building front signs
  • Window signs
  • Pylon signs
  • LED signs
  • Hanging signs
  • Internally lit light box signs
  • A-frame signs
  • Any other signage requirements

We have been supplying and installing shop and office signage since 1995 and have a very experienced and professional team to help in making your business stand out.

Fascia signs can be made from computer cut coloured vinyl or printed on a large format digital printer with a clear UV over-laminate on a composite aluminium sheet backing, or 3D standout lettering and logo fitted directly to the fascia or on a backing sheet. 3D letters can be solid up to 20mm thick in acrylic (50mm thick in foam), or thicker in hollow letters with manufactured sides and base. The hollow letters can be internally lit, or either type can be backlit where stand-offs are used.

Window signs include one way vision signs which allow viewing from outside, but limit viewing into the shop or office. They also limit the amount of light coming into the shop, and allow some privacy while giving a colourful company message and information to potential customers. Alternatively normal prints or vinyl can be supplied and fitted to windows for promotion, either inside or outside the windows. The computer-cut coloured vinyl letters allow lettering only without a background, so that viewing and light penetration is still possible around the lettering.

Window frosting can also be applied to windows in either plain or sparkling frosted vinyl to limit the penetration of sunlight and heat and allow some privacy. This can be supplied plain or with a custom pattern, and cover the whole or part of the window as required.

Pylon signs and Hanging Signs can be internally lit with fluorescent light or LED lights. Sudden Impact Signs supplies and installs both types of signs, and can assist with the design of these. Both types of signs may need local council approval, and new pylon signs may also need structural engineering certification. We can assist in obtaining both of these if required. Pylon signs can be mounted on one leg or two, depending on size. Councils will often limit the height for a single pylon sign to 6 meters, or 8 meters for a multi-business sign, without special consideration.

We also supply and install internal signage including internally lit menu boards and wall signs on aluminium sheet, corflute sheet or 3D letters stuck directly to the wall. In addition we can supply snap frames which can be used to change paper or card images regularly by simply opening up the frame sides. These can also be internally LED lit, and can be lockable.

Wall signs for side and front walls of any size required are also popular for shop front signs, providing colourful bullet point information of products and services to customers, and business names and logos in a form that makes the shop vibrant and bright.

A-frames are another good idea to ensure customers can find the business, as they can be easily noticed by passing vehicles and pedestrians. These are generally double sided, made with a steel frame and come in standard sizes, typically 900x600mm, but can be 1200x900mm or any size required.